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  1. A Tukua recipient will (unless otherwise agreed with Tupu Tonu):
      • Spend the grant within six months from notification of approval.
      • Spend the grant only for the purpose(s) and subject to any conditions notified by Tupu Tonu in its approval of the grant request.
      • Return to Tupu Tonu any portion of the grant (including GST) that is not spent on the approved purpose(s), or has not been spent within 6 months after the grant has been approved.
      • Complete a results report to a level of detail reasonably requested by Tupu Tonu, showing how the funds have been spent and what has been achieved, including photos and videos if appropriate. The results report must be completed at the end of 6 months after the grant has been approved.
      • Maintain records in relation to the funded activity or project, and make those records available within 10 working days if requested by Tupu Tonu.
      • Inform Tupu Tonu as soon as reasonably practicable of any changes that materially affect the Tukua recipient’s ability to deliver the funded activity(ies) or project(s) (e.g. changes to financial situation; an intention to wind-up or cease operations; or any other significant event). If the Tukua recipient’s ability to deliver the funded activity(ies) or project(s) is materially affected, Tupu Tonu may require the Tukua recipient to return any portion of the grant that has not been spent or otherwise unconditionally contractually committed at the date of the request with no ability to avoid the expenditure.
      • Notify Tupu Tonu immediately if any of the grant money is stolen or misappropriated, and co-operate with any related investigation.
  2. Tupu Tonu may check with other government agencies whether you have previously received any other grant funding. You authorise those government agencies to release that information to Tupu Tonu.
  3. Tupu Tonu may request the Tukua recipient’s permission to share and publish, in any context, in part or in full, all of the reports, media and other information provided by the Tukua recipient showing how the funds have been spent. If the Tukua recipient gives its permission, the permission continues indefinitely and cannot be withdrawn, and the Tukua recipient promises that it has the necessary rights to give this permission.
  4. A grant must not be spent on any item that falls within the following exclusions:
      • activities for the direct benefit of only one individual (uri) or family (whānau);
      • activities that are purely for profit and without any broader community benefit;
      • projects which seek to redistribute funding to others; and
      • overseas aid or disaster relief.
  5. Failure to comply with any of these terms and conditions, or the provision of false information may result, without limitation, in Tupu Tonu terminating this agreement and/or:
      • if the failure or misrepresentation is dishonest, reckless or wilful, requiring repayment of all or part of the grant;
      • withholding payment of this and any other future Tupu Tonu grants until issues are resolved;
      • imposing additional terms and conditions before any Tupu Tonu administered funding is approved; and
      • declining future funding.
  6. Tupu Tonu is subject to the Official Information Act 1982 and may be required to release information unless there is good reason under the Act to withhold the information.
  7. Your rights in relation to the grant request cannot be transferred to any other person or organisation.
  8. A change to these terms and conditions will only be effective if agreed in writing by both parties. Tupu Tonu will not be taken to have given up any of its rights under these terms and conditions unless it does this in a written communications signed by Tupu Tonu.



I have read the privacy statement and I accept it on behalf of the Tukua recipient.

I confirm that I have the authority to make this request and to accept the terms and conditions on behalf of the grant applicant and declare that:

·       I understand and accept the terms and conditions.

·       All the information provided for this request is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

·       I have notified Tupu Tonu of any potential or actual conflicts of interest of which I am aware.

·       The applicant is fully compliant with all applicable legislation, including the requirements under the Children’s Act 2014 (if applicable).

·       I have been duly authorised by the applicant’s governing body (if there is one) to commit the applicant to this agreement.