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Tukua | Tupu Tonu Disbursements

2nd Round NOW CLOSED (23 February 2024)

Te Kaupapa – purpose


Tupu Tonu is a Crown-owned company set up to acquire and grow the value of a portfolio of high-performing commercial assets that can be offered to ngā hapū o Ngāpuhi in future Treaty negotiations. Part of the mission of Tupu Tonu is to disburse a portion of the annual net cash investment returns to Ngāpuhi hapū and whānau. Tupu Tonu has named its disbursements ‘tukua’, which means to give with integrity.

Tupu Tonu completed the first Tukuta round in 2022/23, which resulted in $485,000 being disbursed to 51 hapū, whānau and rōpū. For a breakdown of funding results, see here.

The second Tukua round is now closed for applications.

The second round was open for applications from 28 November 2023 to 23 February 2024. For the second round of Tukua funding, Tupu Tonu has upwards of $600,000 available. Tupu Tonu aims to make funding decisions by the end of March 2024. If you have any pātai about your application or future funding rounds, please contact

Ngā Pātai | FAQs

What is Tukua - Tupu Tonu disbursements?

Tukua is the name for the Tupu Tonu disbursements programme and means ‘to give with integrity’. Every year, Tupu Tonu sets aside a portion of its annual investment returns to provide to Ngāpuhi hapū, whānau and rōpū (organisations). Tupu Tonu has completed the first Tukua round and the second round is now open.

Why is Tupu Tonu making disbursements?

When Tupu Tonu was established, the government stipulated that a portion of annual investment returns (up to 20 percent) ought to be made available to Ngāpuhi hapū and whānau immediately. This was to provide immediate to support to hapū and whānau while negotiations were in train and to demonstrate the type of benefits that could accrue from a commercial investment fund. Accordingly, the focus of Tukua is on supporting Ngāpuhi hapū and whānau in capacity and capability building as well as social and cultural development.

What is the second Tukua round ?

The second round comprises funds available for disbursement from the 2022/23 financial year. The round opened on Tuesday 28 November 2023 and closed to applications on 23 February 2024. Applications are now being assessed. Tupu Tonu aims to make funding decisions made by the end of March.

What types of activities is Tupu Tonu supporting through Tukua?

Tupu Tonu is considering applications for grants for any kaupapa, activity, objective or initiative that supports

  • capacity and capability building; or
  • social or cultural development.

Types of activities that groups may seek funding for include, but are not limited to:

  • Capacity and capability building: hapū governance support; marae administration/co-ordination; training programmes.
  • Social and cultural development: marae repairs and maintenance; taonga preservation; housing feasibility studies; rongoa Māori; Kura Reo; researching and publishing hapū histories.

How much disbursements funding is available through the second Tukua round?

For the second Tukua round, Tupu Tonu has upwards of $600,000 available in total. Tupu Tonu is seeking applications for grants up to $10,000.

How will decisions be made?

Applications will first be considered by a panel including panelists, including selected Ngāpuhi kaumatua and hapū leaders. Each application will be assessed against the application criteria. Decisions on applications will be made by the Tupu Tonu Board.

Will Tupu Tonu disbursements have any impact on our hapū wai claims? Will this be on account of our settlement?

Tupu Tonu disbursements are not associated with, nor will it impact on, any hapū Treaty of Waitangi (‘Wai’) claims. Disbursements are not “on account” of any future Treaty redress agreement between ngā hapū o Ngāpuhi and the Crown. While Tupu Tonu was set up for the purpose of acquiring assets for the Crown to offer in redress discussions with ngā hapū o Ngāpuhi, and growing the overall value of the fund, there is no direct relationship between Tupu Tonu disbursements (Tukua) and those redress discussions. Rather, the purpose of the disbursements is to support Ngāpuhi social and cultural development, and capacity and capability building now.