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Our Purpose

The Ngāpuhi Investment Fund Limited (Tupu Tonu) has been established as an independent Crown-owned company to build and grow an intergenerational portfolio of high performing commercial assets for the benefit of ngā hapū o Ngāpuhi.

To achieve this, Tupu Tonu seeks to acquire and manage a portfolio of assets that collectively:

  • support any future agreements that may be entered into by the Crown in relation to the historical
    Treaty of Waitangi claims of Ngāpuhi; and
  • grow the value of the investment portfolio.

The primary investment focus for Tupu Tonu is on commercial assets within Taitokerau, with a particular emphasis on the Ngāpuhi rohe. Tupu Tonu is a commercial investor, but with additionaloverlays outlined in its constitution to:

  • operate as a responsible investor;
  • to the extent possible, take a best practice approach to investment management; and
  • to the extent possible, make investments that encourage and facilitate economic
    development in the Ngāpuhi rohe.

Tupu Tonu was chosen as the trading name for Ngāpuhi Investment Fund Limited. The two words broadly translate to ‘prosperity in perpetuity’, but they have deeper cultural significance. One of the titles by which Ngāpuhi is known is Ngāpuhi-nui-tonu, or everlasting Ngāpuhi. Tupu Tonu speaks of continuity and stability and speaks to the inclusiveness and multiplicity of tribal groups and marae within Ngāpuhi. Accordingly, Tupu Tonu has an intergenerational outlook, investing for the long-term.

Tupu Tonu acknowledges the Treaty negotiations context in which it operates. The role of Tupu Tonu is to build and manage
an investment portfolio in line with its mandate. Tupu Tonu does not have a role in Treaty negotiations between the Crown
andngā hapū o Ngāpuhi. These negotiations will determine whether and on what basis the Tupu Tonu asset portfolio is treated as redress.

Tupu Tonu looks to conduct its business in accordance with the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi / the Treaty of Waitangi and in a manner that enhances Māori Crown relations. Through engagement with Ngāpuhi hapū and iwi, Tupu Tonu provides an opportunity for hapū interests to inform our work, including the Tupu Tonu investment approach and disbursements programme.

Postal Address

PO Box 507
New Zealand